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5 Apps To Run Your Business From Your Mobile
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5 Apps To Run Your Business From Your Mobile

5 Apps To Run Your Business From Your Mobile

Business time we are talking about applications to manage your business in a simpler way, with just a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). The first two, as it makes sense in this blog, are from the house, but we also want to be open to recommending applications from other manufacturers that have interested us.

Gextor Next: Autonomous Billing In The Cloud

Of course, we start with our flagship cloud software for freelancers and entrepreneurs. If this is your case, Gextor Next is a program designed for your administrative and tax needs. Gextor Next works on any mobile device and also on any desktop computer. With it you can keep your estimates, invoices and collections updated, both with clients and suppliers, in an unlimited way. At the same time, you can keep proper control of your cash flow and fill in the necessary tax information to file your taxes. Gextor Next also has the automatic generation of registration books and taxes to which a self-employed worker is obliged.

Trello: An Application To Organize Your Business

It is an application to plan and organize work, although it also has a desktop application. It basically works with project boards, which you can organize by people or teams. With this dashboard, you assign tasks to your team members, monitor, or set a completion schedule. Trello can interact with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive to attach documents and create collaborative work environments. One of their advantages, fundamental in any application in the cloud, is that they use systems similar to those of banks to send information and encrypted backups.

Mile Iq: An Application To Record Your Kilometers

Mile IQ This is an application available on both Google Play and the App Store, so it works with both Android and iOS. It was created by the entrepreneur Dan Bomze in 2013, but since 2015 it has been part of Microsoft, after its acquisition by this company. It allows you near keep way of the kilometers you travel on a daily basis. You just have to choose at the end of the trip if it was a personal or business trip and the App takes care of the rest. Automatically calculates all routes, destinations and miles away. As travel expenses are deductible, an exhaustive control of the kilometers traveled provides you with important tax advantages.

Waze: An App To Guide You On The Road

Waze logo If you work a lot behind the wheel, this application will make your life much easier. It was created in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs, but in 2013 it was acquired by Google. Unlike other mobility applications, the users themselves or the wazers help to maintain the application through an open collaboration system. Waze offers spoken directions, real-time fuel, and traffic reports, as well as free and regular map updates. It also helps avoid tolls and warns about the location of fixed radars and security cameras. Waze is multilingual and has integrated destination search using Google technology, and you can use other applications to integrate destinations.

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