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Birds Of Prey Poster Movie Download

Birds Of Prey Poster Movie Download

Birds Of Prey Poster Movie Download

Birds Of Prey, also known as raptors, include species of birds that primarily hunt and feed on vertebrates that are large in size compared to the hunter. In addition, they have keen eyesight to detect food from a distance or during flight, strong feet equipped with claws to grab or kill their prey, and a strong, curved beak to tear through the meat. The term raptor is derived from the Latin word ratio, which means to seize or take by force. In addition to hunting live prey, many birds, such as ospreys, vultures, and condors, eat carrion.

Birds Of Prey

Although the term bird of prey can theoretically be considered to include all birds that primarily consume animals, birders generally use the narrower definition that follows on this page. Gulls forms acids, skuas, penguins, kookaburras, and shrikes, as well as the many songbirds that are mainly insectivores. Some extinct predatory birds had claws similar to modern raptors, including mousebirds (Sandcoleidae), Messelasturidae, and some Enantiorniths, perhaps indicating similar habits.

Carl Linnaeus’ taxonomy grouped birds (class Aves) into orders, genera, and species, with no formal ranges between genus and order. He placed all the birds of prey in one order, Accipiters, subdividing it into four genera: Vultur (vultures), Falco (eagles, hawks, hawks, etc.), Strix (owls), and Lanius (shrikes). This approach was followed by later authors such as Gmelin, Latham, and Turton.

Details About The Movie

Directed by       Cathy Yan

Written by         Christina Hodson

Based on            Characters from DC

Produced by     

Margot Robbie

Bryan Unkeless

Sue Kroll


Margot Robbie

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Rosie Perez

Chris Messina

Ella Jay Basco

Ali Wong

Ewan McGregor

Cinematography             Matthew Libatique

Edited by            

Jay Cassidy

Evan Schiff

Music by             Daniel Pemberton

Production companies 

Warner Bros. Pictures

DC Films

LuckyChap Entertainment

Clubhouse Pictures

Kroll & Co. Entertainment

Distributed by  Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date    

January 25, 2020 (Mexico City)

February 7, 2020 (United States)

Running time   109 minutes

Country               United States

Language            English

Budget $82–100 million

Box office          $201.9 million

How To Download And Watch Birds Of Prey Poster Movie Download

Therefore, to download Birds Of Prey, you must first visit the Poster Movie Download website, which is a famous torrent site and offers a lot of Tamil and Telugu aravinda sametha full movie hindi dubbed movies for free. Like many other movies, it also included the movie Birds Of Prey for download in the best HD 1080p quality.

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More About Birds Of Prey

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of a One Harley Quinn), also known as the Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn or simply Birds of Prey, is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics team, Birds of Prey. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, this is the eighth installment of the DC Extend Universe (DCEU) and serves as a spin-off and the sequel to Suicide Squad (2016).

However, it was direct by Cathy Yan and written by Christina Hodson. It stars Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, and Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, and Ewan McGregor. Moreover, the film follows Harley Quinn, who, after breaking up with the Joker, is threatened by Gotham City crime lord Roman Sionis and teams up with Helena Bertinelli, Dinah Lance, and Renee Montoya (who form Birds of Prey) to save Cassandra Cain.

Robbie, who also served as producer, pitched the Birds of Prey idea to Warner Bros. in 2015. The film was announced in May 2016, and Hodson was hired to write the script in November, followed by Yan, who signed on to direct. And also, in April 2018. Most of the cast and crew were confirmed in December 2018. Principal photography was taken from January to April 2019 in downtown Los Angeles, parts of the Arts District, Los Angeles, and at the studios of sound from Warner Bros. Studios. in Burbank, California. Additional filming took place in September 2019.


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