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Dear Comrade Watch Hindi Movies Online Free – Latest Update

Dear Comrade Watch Hindi Movies Online Free – Latest Update

Dear Comrade, Watch Hindi Movies Online Free

Dear Comrade is a 2019 Indian Telugu language romantic action film written and directed by Bharat Kamma. It was produced by Mythri Movie Makers and the Big Ben Cinemas. This film stars Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, and Shruti Ramachandran. Principal photography on the film began in August 2018. The film opened in theaters on July 26, 2019, in Telugu, with versions dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada And Also You Can Watch This Movie robot 2.0 full movie watch online

The story now goes into the flashback mode, where Bobby is a leader of a left-wing student union at a university in Kakinada dealing with serious anger management issues. He is a rebel without a cause, like his grandfather, Comrade Suryam. His fights with the local politician, Bulliah’s brother, for whom a girl from his university tries to commit suicide as a result of his repeated torture to return her love. He even spends a night in the dungeon with his friends for it. On the way home, he meets Lilly, also known as Aparna Devi, who causes him a minor accident, and, in compensation, Bobby takes  all the money to fix her bike.

Dear Comrade

He returns home and finds out that Lilly was, in fact, his childhood friend (cousin of his neighbor’s daughter, Jaya) who came to attend Jaya’s wedding. Lilly continues to tease Bobby warmly about her earlier crush on Jaya. During a local cricket match, Bobby discovers that Lilly is, in fact, a state-level cricketer. He is very impressed with her and slowly begins to fall in love with her. During a small party at the union office to celebrate the victory of her team, Lilly sees Bobby arguing with a student political leader, and, despite her requests to leave, Bobby gets into a fight.

Details About The Movie

Directed by       Bharat Kamma

Produced by     Naveen Yerneni

  1. Ravi Shankar

Mohan Cherukuri

Yash Rangineni

Starring              Vijay Deverakonda

Rashmika Mandanna

Shruti Ramachandran

Cinematography             Sujith Sarang

Edited by            Sreejith Sarang

Music by             Justin Prabhakaran

Production companies 

Mythri Movie Makers

Big Ben Cinemas

Distributed by  Big Ben Cinemas

Release date    

July 26, 2019

Running time   170 minutes

Country               India

Language            Telugu

Box office          37.33 crore

How To Download And Watch Dear Comrade Watch Hindi Movies Online Free

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More About Dear Comrade

During Jaya’s wedding, Bobby confesses his love for Lilly. But she tells him that they both have different paths in life to travel from her and that he will probably forget about her as soon as he leaves her. Bobby cannot cope with this rejection, and Lilly leaves without saying goodbye to him. After she leaves her, Bobby can’t help but think about her and travels to Hyderabad all night to meet her and tell her that he wants to be her partner on her life’s journey. Admitting that she has thought about him a lot too, he returns her favor. But Lilly tells Bobby how scared she is of him due to her excessive aggression, but he calls it a minor problem and agrees to rectify it for her.

 His love story passionately advances until the fateful day when Bobby gets caught up in a new fight with Bulliah’s brother’s gang and unknowingly causes Bulliah’s brother to fall into a coma. Bullish gets angry and tells his men to kill Bobby. When he wakes up in the hospital, Lilly begins to counsel him and plead with him to put aside his violent tendencies for the peace of mind of those around him. She gives him an ultimatum to immediately choose to control her anger and continue with it or leave it forever. Bobby loses his temper at this request as he feels that no one is ready to hear his version of things, and, in a fit of rage, he pushes Lilly out of the hospital and tells her to get lost in front of her family and her children.


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