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100 inch tv – Full Overview Report – 2022

100 inch tv – Full Overview Report – 2022

100 inch tv

What happens when you sit in front of the world’s first 4K quality 100-inch laser television?

The Hisense 100L5 Laser TV, 100-inch 4K HDR quality television is the gadget we need in our living room to take a level leap in our entertainment.

We were sitting on a sofa one morning in front of Hisense’s 100-inch 4K HDR Laser TV 100L5F television, and we have concluded that it is necessary for our living room.

If we are in a new world, at least it catches us prepared. And if leisure at home is about, let it be with a 100-inch television, 4K HDR image quality –the world’s first 4K laser TV–, the perfect gadget to make our home a cinema, soccer stadium, or concert hall. Concerts. That’s what we feel when we don’t sit in front of the Hisense 100L5F, a leap in quality and a revolution for what we previously understood as a projector.

Hisense’s 100-inch 4K television

Because this television is much more; It is the best experience that our salon can be surrounded by, and increase our quality of life in difficult times where many outdoor activities cannot remain performed. In addition to its size, image, and sound quality, the Hisense L5 Laser TV is a smart television with an operating system that is fast and easy to use, where you can access your favorite apps in just two seconds. And very intuitive; a few seconds after testing it, we had already taken control.

Hisense's 100-inch 4K television

I am absolute that a good option was to play a movie recorded in 4K. And I said, come on, let’s see Will Smith in ‘Gemini.’ Hopefully, I can describe how each shot sounds, how your breath is appreciated, or what every blemish on your face looks like. Tremendous. The immersive concept, where a space without limits is created for the user, falls short. Oh, and nothing to close the curtains or lower the blinds, its lens adapts to the atmosphere, and it has more than enough potential so that the natural light does not affect it at all. The Laser TV 100L5F has Alexa and remote control with a built-in microphone and buttons that directly connect us with content from many platforms, such as Movistar + Rakuten, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video.

Samsung 110-inch TV

And the sport? I also had time to try out some summaries of football matches to get rid of the nagging of not being able to enter a stadium. 2021 presented loaded with sports, Eurocup or Olympic Games, among other events as everything indicates that they can remain held behind close doors or without total capacity, you have to take positions. Nothing replaces life, but there is also nothing that can fight with the comfort of the Hisense product.

Samsung 110-inch TV

By the way, for those concerned about the health of their eyes and the myth of macro television, nothing at all. With the technology of the Laser TV, which does not need wiring or connect to an electrical source, blue light levels are so low that they do not affect vision. Eye friendly, they call it, what’s more, thinking about the safety of the little ones, even taking into account that the placement is very few centimeters from the screen. If it detects someone at that distance, it automatically starts a countdown to turn off, and thus no one. You may be staring at the lens more than recommended. And in addition, it consumes 37% less energy than an LED TV of the same size.

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