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Geetha Govindam Torrent

Geetha Govindam Torrent

Geetha Govindam Torrent

Geetha Govindam is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Parasuram, produced by the Bunny Vasu under the banner of GA2 Pictures. This film stars Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna, while Subbaraju, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Nagendra Babu play supporting roles.

Released on August 15, 2018, the film is a huge commercial success. Though called a “proven story” by critics, the film received praise for its direction, performance, and production values.

Geetha Govindam

Vijay meets Nithya on that road at the night, where he is sitting alone and sad. Nithya’s car is down, and she asks him for help. He only says if she gives him the alcohol and if she will listen to her story. Seeing him as a non-alcoholic, she asks him if it is a love story. To whom she tells her story.

During a visit to the temple, Vijay learns that all the decorations were made by a girl named Geetha. He finds out that the girl is single and is immediately attracted to her. Before he can sue her, he learns that her sister’s engagement is established, and he leaves for his town of Kakinada. Coincidentally, Geetha is his companion on the bus, occupying the window seat next to him. While he tries to take a selfie with Geetha, who is sleeping, Vijay accidentally kisses her. 

She wakes up feeling raped and slaps Vijay across her face. Vijay continues to apologize profusely and tries to explain to Geetha. But nevertheless, she does not listen to him and calls her brother to tell her about the incident. Geetha’s brother Phaneendra, after being informed of Geetha’s misconduct, prepares with his henchmen at Kakinada station to kill the boy in front of the temple. Phaneendra is accompanied by Police Officer Ravi. Vijay panics and fights Geetha, and jumps off the bus.

Details About The Movie

Directed by       Parasuram

Written by         Parasuram

Produced by     Allu Aravind

Bunny Vasu

Starring               Vijay Deverakonda

Rashmika Mandanna

Cinematography             S. Manikandan

Edited by            Marthand K. Venkatesh

Music by             Gopi Sunder

Production company     

GA2 Pictures

Distributed by  Geetha Arts

Release date    

August 15, 2018

Running time   142 minutes

Country               India

Language            Telugu

Budget ₹ five crore

Box office est. ₹130 crore

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More About Geetha Govindam

When he returns home, he is surprised to discover that his sister Sirisha is engaged to Phaneendra, Geetha’s brother. However, during the performance, Geetha does not introduce Vijay to her family as the boy on the bus, as she does not want Sirisha’s wedding to be canceled just because of Vijay. Later, Vijay and Geetha pair up to invite the guests to the wedding in Hyderabad. Vijay, throughout their time together, repeatedly apologizes for his behavior, but Geetha does not accept his apology.

Meanwhile, Vijay works as a lecturer where one of his students has a romantic interest in him. When he rejects her advances in public, she sends him a video to seduce him. The message sent while Geetha is in the car with Vijay, and she watches the video. Geetha accuses Vijay of being stingy, and when Vijay tries to defend himself, she still doesn’t believe him and assumes that Vijay’s family can be stingy too. This argument leads Vijay to ask Geetha to get out of the car and go to her hostel on her own. However, he will then check to see if she has reached her shelter safely.


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