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Kahaani 2 Full Movie Watch Online Hd

Kahaani 2 Full Movie Watch Online Hd

Kahaani 2 Full Movie Watch Online Hd

Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh (or else simply Kahaani 2, translated Story 2) is a 2016 Hindi-language Indian thriller directed by Sujoy Ghosh, a sequel to the 2012 film Kahaani, the film features Arjun Rampal and Vidya Balan in the Main roles and Jugal Hansraj and Kharaj Mukherjee and Tunisha Sharma in supporting roles. The Kahaani 2 remains the story of Durga Rani Singh, who is accused of kidnapping and murder.

The main shooting took place between March 2016 and May 2016. The film was released on December 2, 2016. It was declared duty-free in Uttar Pradesh on December 15, 2016. At the 62nd Filmfare Awards, Balan got a nomination for best actress for her performance.

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) is a middle-class doing mother living in Chandan Nagar, West Bengal, with her teenage daughter Minnie (Tunisha Sharma), who is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair. Minnie is a happy girl and Vidya adores her, working hard to save money so she can bring Minnie to the United States in hopes that the girl will walk again.

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One night, Vidya returns home to find that her daughter has disappeared. He gets a call from a stranger asking him to go to an address, otherwise, Minnie will die. When Vidya crosses the street, a taxi runs over her and leaves her in a coma. The taxi driver brings her to a nursing home run by Dr. Maity (Pradip Mukherjee). Deputy Police Inspector Inderjeet Singh (Arjun Rampal) is handling Vidya’s case. He visits Vidya’s house and finds her diary, which he takes as evidence. Inderjeet’s eldest, Pranab Halder (Kharaj Mukherjee), informs him that he is looking for a woman named Durga Rani Singh for a kidnapping and murder case.

Details About The Movie

Directed by        Sujoy Ghosh

Written by         Sujoy Ghosh

Ritesh Shah (dialogues)

Screenplay by    Sujoy Ghosh

Story by              Sujoy Ghosh

Suresh Nair

Produced by      Sujoy Ghosh

Kushal Gada

Starring               Vidya Balan

Arjun Rampal

Cinematography              Tapan Basu

Edited by            Namrata Rao

Music by             Clinton Cerejo

Production companies  

Boundscript Motion Pictures

Pen India Limited

Distributed by   Pen India Limited (India)

Eros International (some overseas territories)

Release date     

2 December 2016

Running time     128 minutes

Country               India

Language            Hindi

Budget  ₹170 million

Box office est. ₹547.9 million

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More About Kahaani 2

However, as Inderjeet reads Vidya’s diary, her past is revealed: she worked as a maid in a school in Kalimpong under the name Durga Rani Singh, where she is friends with Arun (Tota Roychoudhury), who has feelings for her. At school, Durga noticed that a student named Minnie Dewan (Naisha Khanna) was still being punished for sleeping during class. After repeated attempts to befriend inmate Minnie, Durga decides to visit the girl’s wealthy grandmother (Amba Sanyal), claiming to offer Minnie additional school fees. Durga’s worst fears come true when Minnie confesses that her uncle Mohit Dewan (Jugal Hansraj) was sexually abusing her.

Durga, also a survivor of child sexual abuse, informs Minnie’s grandmother, but the woman scolds her. Durga then tries to file a complaint with the police, but an investigation by a police officer (Koushik Sen) finds Mohit innocent and he does not believe Durga. Minnie desperately jumps from the patio of her house and paralyzed from the waist down. A corrupt policewoman (Gargi Bharadwaj), who sides with Minnie’s grandmother, threatens Durga not to pursue the case. Durga decides to save Minnie from her family and argues with her grandmother, who accidentally dies. Durga escapes with Minnie and settles in Chandan Nagar under a new name, Vidya Sinha. Years later, Mohit tracks them down and kidnaps Minnie with the help of the policewoman.


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