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The Mechanic Download MovieZilla

The Mechanic Download MovieZilla

The Mechanic Download MovieZilla

The Mechanic is the 2011 American action thriller film directed by Simon West, starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster. Written by Lewis John Carlino and Richard Wenk, it is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name. Statham plays Arthur Bishop, a professional assassin who specializes in making his shots look like accidents, suicides, or petty criminals. It was released in the United States and Canada on January 28, 2011, to mixed reviews. The sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection, was released on August 26, 2016.

Hitman Arthur Bishop sneaks into the home of a Colombian cartel boss and drowns him in his own pool. Back home in Louisiana, he meets his friend and mentors Harry McKenna, who pays Bishop for this work.

Bishop is then assigned to kill Harry; Bishop’s employer Dean confirms over the phone that the contract is correct, after which Bishop requests a face-to-face meeting. Dean tells him about a failed mission in South Africa, in which several assassins were killed.

However, Dean reveals that only he and Harry knew the details of the mission and that Harry had been paid for the details of the contract. Reluctantly, Bishop kills Harry with the latter’s gun and makes him look like a car hijacker. At the funeral, Bishop meets Harry’s son Steve, whom he prevents from trying to kill a potential car thief in a misguided attempt at revenge. 

After this, Steve asks Bishop to train him as a hitman. Adopting a Chihuahua, he asks Steve to take the dog with him to a cafe at the same time every day. As Steve settles into a routine, Bishop intensifies his training and leads him to observe a contract murder.             

Details About The Movie

Directed by       Simon West

Screenplay by  

Lewis John Carlino

Richard Wenk

Story by              Lewis John Carlino

Produced by     

Irwin Winkler

Robert Chartoff

David Winkler

William Chartoff


Jason Statham

Ben Foster

Donald Sutherland

Tony Goldwyn

James Logan

Mini Andén

Jeff Chase

Christa Campbell

Cinematography             Eric Schmidt

Edited by            

T.G. Herrington

Todd E. Miller

Music by Mark Isham

Production companies 

Millennium Films

Chartoff-Winkler Productions

Distributed by  CBS Films

Release date    

January 28, 2011 (United States)

Running time   93 minutes

Country               United States

Language            English

Budget $40 million

Box office          $76.3 million

How To Download And Watch The Mechanic Download MovieZilla

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More About The mechanic

The target, Burke, frequents the cafe and finally invites Steve out for a drink. Bishop asks Steve to put a large dose of Rohypnol in Burke’s drink to cause an overdose, but Steve ignores the instructions and escorts Burke to his apartment. When Burke begins to undress, Steve tries to strangle him with a belt-like he had seen Bishop do on a previous mission.

Burke fights back, using his size and experience advantage, but Steve manages to kill Burke after a long fight. And also, Dean expresses disapproval of Bishop’s use of Steve, that he violated the rules of the contractual agreement.

Therefore, Bishop’s next contract is to kill cult leader Andrew Vaughn, whom he plans to inject adrenaline to fake a heart attack, for which paramedics administer a lethal dose of epinephrine. Moreover, as Bishop and Steve prepare for the injection, Vaughn’s doctor arrives and administers an IV of ketamine, which is said to inhibit the effects of adrenaline. The two decide to suffocate him instead but are discovered after killing Vaughn and are forced into a shootout with the guards. After the hit, Bishop and Steve return home separately.


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