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Movies like Vivarium – Parasite, Nameless, and More

Movies like Vivarium – Parasite, Nameless, and More

Movies like Vivarium are worth watching for sci-fi fans

Movies like Vivarium If you missed Vivarium in theatres, you’re not alone. It was released on VOD and “in theatres” on March 27, 2020, i.e. several theatres are scattered across foreign countries, as nearly all theatres in the US were closed at the time due to restrictions. But then most of us had a lot of downtimes to rent it or end up getting it on Amazon Prime. Isolation orders.

In a grim irony, just as Contagion gained new popularity when the pandemic first struck, Vivarium ended up being eerily close to the mark. It stars Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots as a young couple who visit a house in an ordinary suburb and then cannot escape the area. While mysterious alien forces are likely responsible for their plight (who also require them to raise a weird, strange child), much of the film explores the two characters dealing with paranoia, social isolation and the fear of being unable to leave their homes.

While the world is reopening, waltzing and fiddling, many of us may feel detached and isolated at times and have many emotions to process in the wake of the pandemic. Here are 15 movies to watch after Vivarium if you need to see some of the characters deal with a cinematic reality that’s as confusing as fact has been lately.


If you liked Vivarium, you’d better watch No Name, director Lorcan Finnegan’s previous film. It shares the same destabilizing and slowly demented vibe but swaps the harmless suburban setting for an Irish wilderness. Alan McKenna plays a surveyor who is too happy to run away from his stale home life with his wife and child to take a job surveying a dense forest for possible development. But his excursion could be more of a torture than an escape.

Movies like Vivarium

He rents a secluded cottage and discovers that the previous occupant went mad while handwriting a strange manifesto called “Knowledge of the Tree”. Strange things start to happen, and the forest takes on an ominous aura: crackling branches, dark outlines among the trees, and brilliant sound design make the forest terrifying. When none of us goes out much, a film that drives nature crazy can be strangely touching.

Get out

get out


In many films, suburbia is a metaphor for a particular kind of suffocating boredom or social pressure associated with adhering to a specific family suburban ideal. But Jordan Peele’s hit “Get Out” reminded us that all these fears are rooted in privilege, most often in white privilege. From the perspective of black protagonist Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), Get Out’s idyllic upper-class setting takes on a much more insidious and terrifying aura, befitting America’s long history of suburbia and oppression in general. Although the action takes place on a sprawling estate in upstate New York, the suffocation is just as palpable in getting Out’s interpersonal and cultural dynamics as it is in the claustrophobic environment of Vivarium.

In the first half of getting Out, we watch Chris meet the family of his new white girlfriend (Allison Williams), and soon we’re screaming the title of the movie on screen as more and more scary things start to happen. The second half treads straight into cathartic thriller territory, and the whole plot gives new meaning to the phrase “body horror.” With a stunning climax, this is the one to watch if Vivarium’s more mysterious ending leaves you yearning for an outcome.



Any criticism of the suburbs implies class mobility. Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning film Parasite is one of the best contemporary musings on class and capitalism. Its central location is almost as fabulous and Escher-like as the alien prison at the Vivarium. The film begins as a somewhat short caper film that follows the Kim family struggling to make ends meet. When the son was fortunate enough to impersonate a student and tutor for a daughter from the wealthy Park family, his sister, mother, and father ended up taking jobs with the Park family as well, providing referrals and finding former employees. . dismissed.

Movies like Vivarium

The Parasite doesn’t technically have sci-fi elements, but its oddly modernist setting. And sluggish plot will appeal to those who enjoyed the same features in Lorcan Finnegan’s film. The house in the park is luxurious, cold and spacious – the Kim family fell into the alien world of the rich. And the twist shows that your economic status can literally and figuratively leave you at a dead end. Not to mention the same sense of worthlessness: like the pandemic itself . Parasite brings to life the idea that opposite sides of the wealth gap are entirely different planets for life. And for some, these layers are as inevitable as an endless area “Vivarium”.

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