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wwwxxl Com R134a Refrigerant Price in India
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wwwxxl Com R134a Refrigerant Price in India

wwwxxl Com R134a Refrigerant Price in India

R134a is the common name for 1,1,1,2 tetra fluoro ethane, a non-toxic, non-flammable gas employed in refrigerators and air conditioners. It is because of its effectiveness as a coolant and is not harmful to the ozone layer compared with R12, its predecessor.

wwwxxl Com R134a Refrigerant Price in India, In today’s era of concern for environmental issues, this colorless gas quickly became relevant and popular, replacing the gas R12 with lower ODP and GWP. # It works at intermediate pressure/temperature, qualifying it as a cooler for different industry and domestic uses.

Its primary uses encompass

Its primary uses encompass:

Automotive Air Conditioning: R134a is popularly used in automobile air conditioning systems, offering efficient cooling in cars, trucks, and other automobiles.

Commercial Refrigeration: In this regard, it is used as a refrigerant in various commercial refrigeration units like supermarkets, refrigerated trucks, and cold storage, maintaining the required temperature of perishable products.

Residential Air Conditioning: It is available within home air conditioning and helps achieve pleasant indoor temperatures.

Despite being commonly preferred, continued environmental issues have necessitated research and advancement toward ecological options. Nevertheless, the R134a is still an essential refrigerant across different sectors because it is effective, safe, and compatible with many cooling systems that are already in place.

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Arkool wwwxxl com r134a refrigerant price is certain to be of reliable superiority as Hangzhou E cool refrigeration Co., Ltd always consider quality as greatly important. A strict scientific quality management system remains to ensure its quality and the good has been recognized by many international certifications. We also work actively to improve production technology to enhance the excellence and overall presentation of the product.

Many factors must be considered to monitor and understand price trends for R-134a.


Economic Impact: These fluctuating prices significantly affect the operational costs of businesses where refrigerators are vital, including automotive, food, and other manufacturing entities. Identifying such changes enables proper resource planning and cost estimation, avoiding unforeseen financial stresses.

Supply Chain Management: Many times, price changes act like change signals in the supply chain that can result in any disturbances in production. A shift in the market, and regulatory demands. The knowledge of these fluctuations is helpful for effective supply chain management and constant availability of refrigerants.

Consumer Awareness: Understanding price changes allows consumers. And end users to make wise decisions. It will enable people to pre-empt service costs related to items such as auto AC repair or home refrigerator maintenance and help budget accordingly.

Environmental Considerations: Price shifts are generally monitored with ecological factors. Price rises could signal the trend to greener refrigeration gases, promoting environmentally-minded options and adherence to climate legislation.

Essentially, monitoring R134a refrigerant pricing becomes vital to proper financial budgeting. Effective supply chain logistics, and adherence to changing green regulations to ensure the sustained performance of cooling units in diverse industries.

However, the cost of the refrigerant R134a is unstable since several factors affect it.

However, the cost of the refrigerant R134a is unstable since several factors affect it.

Regulatory Changes: The main factor that shapes refrigerant prices is environmental regulations. For example, initiatives such as the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol seek to phase out high-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants that influence. The demand for their alternatives and thus affect the price of R134a.

Supply and Demand Dynamics: Prices remain subject to fluctuations influenced by demand. Which is either seasonal or due to economic reasons. If there is high demand, particularly in peak seasons. And the supply does not match the requirement, it leads to a rise in prices.

Production Costs and Supply Chain Disruptions: Prices are affected by differences in the cost of production, for example, raw material or costs of manufacture. Temporary price fluctuations could result from any disruption within the supply chain. Such as transportation problems and delays in production.

Market Competition and Currency Exchange Rates: Pricing strategies can be affected by competitive pressures between suppliers and manufacturers. Moreover, forex rates may influence the cost of import/ export. Thus, the overall price of this refrigerant in the market zones.

Transition to Alternatives: Changing market dynamics is influenced by the shift to ecological refrigerants. The demand and pricing may vary as other alternatives become more common in the industry.

In this case, interested persons should keep track of such complexly interconnected factors to predict. And respond adequately to any pricing change so that there is enough R 134a.


The fact that R134a is eco-friendly. And energy-efficient still makes it very popular for many cooling applications in India. is a trustworthy website for buying r 134a refrigerant. Making it easy for professionals and customers to shop.

However, one point should remain remembered when purchasing R134a refrigerant. Its volatility depends on economic fluctuations and regulatory modifications. Visit for the latest price updates and the most accurate prices.

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