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7 Wearable Technology Videos That Stand Out Within 2016

7 Wearable Technology Videos That Stand Out Within 2016

7 Wearable Technology Videos That Stand Out Within 2016

Wearable Technology or Wearable Technology means “Technology to Use”. The idea is that these devices offer us many advantages and at the same time are comfortable, for example, unlike smartphones or tablets, wearables do not weigh and are more comfortable to wear. Given this unstoppable trend, the new generation of wearable technologies is the natural bridge towards the full implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) and its benefits.

Among the range of different wearables, we can highlight SmartWatches (Gear S from Samsung, G Watch from LG, Apple Watch), SmartGlasses (Epson Moverio BT-200, Vuzix or Google Glass, Mad Gaze), Fitness or Health Bands (Fit Bit, Jawbone or Gear Fit), SmartRings like the NFC ring …

Take a look at these 7 portable videos from 2016

  1. Pilot, the most advanced portable translator ever. Translate languages in real-time. A microphone picks up the words of the interlocutor and the system sends these words to an application on the mobile, the application sends a translation to the earpiece that can be heard.
  2. SuperSuite, of course, this next Christmas game won’t easily go unnoticed. It is the first game developed with portable technology. Very good aesthetic design, futuristic control technology. It is a gaming platform that gives you access to many games and they take place in the real world. Get ready to put on your tracksuit. Time to live your game!
  3. Gest, this device adapts to your hand to give commands to the computer and the mouse thanks to its nine sensors. Gestures and movements travel in the form of data.
  4. Ampy, capture on your mobile device the energy you generate in different activities during exercise. “For your mobile phone,” your movement is your complement “
  5. Update: The creators of this app have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund themselves, but the utility page is sadly no longer operational. If there were no entrepreneurs to try, many of the devices we use today would not exist. All our support for them.
  6. Mad Gaze, the X5 glasses are wearable device technology compatible with everyday life. X5 runs on the Android operating system, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is ready to connect to the calls of any procedure or request. Image recording, video playback, or visual functions are programming for hands-free voice operation. you can watch this movie too: never judge a book by its cover

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