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Custom Gaming PCs: What You Need to Know

Custom Gaming PCs: What You Need to Know

There is a lot of appeal for hardcore gamers in building their own setup. A bespoke gaming platform with hand-chosen components – what’s not to love about this idea? However, it does require a certain knowledge base and skill set that is not necessarily intuitive. This article discusses what is needed to create a PC for gaming and the basic processes involved.

What Type of Gamer are You?

To figure out what you need from your gaming machine, you need to know what your gaming niche is. Maybe you like to dip your toe in a multitude of genres, perhaps you’re a diehard fan of one specific gaming genre. Regardless, how you game will dictate what specific specs you need for each gaming component. Are you an…

  • Online Gamer
  • Simulation or sports
  • Action adventure games
  • Multi-player socials
  • Real-time strategy
  • Horror
  • Sandbox gamer?

Of course, there are more. These are just the primary offerings. Simulation, horror, action/adventure, and sandbox games will all require a stronger GPU and CPU combination to enhance and stay up with the graphics rendering requirements. Whereas multi-player campaigns are less strenuous and more focused on collaboration, the graphics are still important, but the CPU takes precedence here.

The Steps

Now you’ve figured out your gaming label, it is time to get creating. The following steps are all vital parts of the process that need observing.

Figure out Budget

Budget, budget, budget! Before you start a project, it is important to have a figure in mind in terms of what you are willing to spend and what you are able to spend. Try to find parts within your means, there are thousands of places to look online and stores dotted about too.

Gather Supplies and Equipment

There are a few options when it comes to getting the parts together. If you are building from scratch, either strip down a different model of computer, or buy the parts separately by scouring the internet. Another option is to modify a pre-built device step by step. This option can save money and time and allows you to enjoy gaming while you build. For inspiration and to look through specs, components, and variations, browse through Lenovo Gaming Computer models. As a basic makeup, a gaming PC will need the following.

  1. A Case: This is where all the different parts come together so they are protected and in one place. There are three options – Full Tower, Mid-Tower, and Mini-Tower.
  2. Tools: When building something, tools are always involved. Normally, a PC build-up requires a few screwdrivers and not much more.
  3. CPU: The Central Processing Unit which generally enables the PC to ruin.
  4. Motherboard: Where all the important parts attach.
  5. GPU: Graphics Processing Unit which enhances the graphics experience.
  6. RAM: Memory capacity is very important for gaming!
  7. PSU: Power Supply Unit, this is how the PC will get power when it’s up and running.
  8. OS: Operating System, which is the software that runs the processes of the PC.
  9. Cooling System: Integral for avoiding overheated components and avoiding damage.
  10. Monitor: While not a part of the build – the gaming monitor you pick is still an integral part of the end setup.Buy gaming laptop under 2000 is real. You should just understand which characteristics you need.

Build it All Up

Once you have your chosen parts, it is time to put everything together. Get the motherboard ready first, as this is the main event, and then strategically install each part. Generally, the CPU and RAM need to be installed first before the motherboard is attached to the outer case. After this, GPU and everything else follows suit.

Buy Accessories

No PC is complete without the trims. Therefore, read on below to discover essential parts that you can’t game without.


Keyboards for gaming tend to have more responsive touchpads and LED customization options for night-time activity. A good gaming keyboard will have backlights to support the eyes and minimize visual strain, a sensitive touchpad, and will be wireless for flexibility and convenience.


Lots of gaming mouse options are available. A gaming-specific mouse is better for in-time gameplay, reducing lag, and is more sensitive to movement.


Whether you opt for speakers, surround sound, or in-ear audio, the key is access to the audio in some format. There are benefits to each, but for a more encompassing gaming experience, lots of gamers lean towards noise-canceling headphones. This is because gaming feels more immersive without external distractions such as noises.

Perks of Building Your Own Gaming PC

Whether you buy a device ready-made, build it from scratch, or modify a PC to make it customized, there are some benefits of getting involved with the process. For lots of gamers, it is a case of knowledge building and pure interest. For others, it is to enhance the gaming experience. All of this can be achieved when you learn the ropes of modification. Let’s take a look at a few perks involved with building your own PC.

Easy to Update

Updates are sometimes necessary. Maybe a graphics card needs a revamp, or the CPU is not performing like it used to. Once you know what you are doing, and you have learned the process of putting the parts together and where everything fits, modifications and updates are that much easier. This ultimately avoids the need to buy a whole new device, instead opening up the door for single unit tweaking.

Complete Autonomy

Having complete autonomy from the word ‘go’ works better for a lot of people. Regardless of what you start with, a pre-bought model or a scrap pile of different parts, this project is yours to shape and mold as you see fit! Everything will work as you envision it, and the customization will ultimately enhance the gaming experience.

Building your own device will take patience, mindfulness, an openness to learning, and time. If you can work through each stage without giving up, you will feel a unique sense of satisfaction every single time you game. So, ultimately, it is beyond worth it!

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