Digital advertising is the communication that a company makes to advertise and promote its brand, product, or service using various platforms and digital channels.

These are actions in web browsers, social network pages, blogs, applications, or any other form of contact over the Internet.

With the digital transformation, more and more options are presented to companies to communicate with the market and, of course, their audience.

In this way, everything that is done using digital platforms and resources can be considered digital advertising. The main objective is to be present precisely where the audience is.

Digital advertising is a process in which companies migrate and adapt to the movement that society as a whole has experienced.

After all, if 4.18 billion people are using their smartphones to connect to the Internet, your business must also be present on this channel, thus increasing its relevance and brand awareness.

What Are The Advantages And Differences Between Traditional And Digital Advertising

Now that you know what digital advertising is, it is essential to understand its benefits and, of course, how this concept differs from the traditional model.

The most important thing is precision. With countless resources and tools, it is much easier to understand, know and help those on the other side.

In other words, companies know much more about consumer behavior, what they are looking for and what you can offer them, such as more relevant and relevant content.

Also, you can specify exactly which audience you will reach. In traditional advertising, for example, companies buy space at a specific moment on television, and it shown to those who are watching. But companies have no control over who sees the information posted.

With social media advertising platforms, digital marketing actions can be more segmented, focusing on a specific audience based on the personality of the commercial buyer. If you combine that with a good branding strategy, which is definitely necessary, you can have your full digital strategy set up for success. However, you might consider consulting with a trusted digital branding company if you want to make sure your branding properly represents your business on the world wide web.

How Does A Digital Advertising Strategy Work

 A digital advertising strategy must take into account the business goals, the resources available to achieve those goals, and of course, define a buyer persona for your business.

Once all these points are evaluate, companies will choose, from a wide variety of options, the best cost-benefit ratio for their plans.

Ideally, they will bet on more than one strategy, which means not allocating all resources to a single action. For example, focusing on social media ads, paid search, and even the use of influencers.

Evaluate the pros and cons of each idea, cross-referencing the main objectives of your business and the profile of your buyer persona.

With this information defined, decision-making becomes much more faithful for the company.

In summary, a digital advertising strategy is a set of actions on the different digital platforms according to the objectives and the means available to the company.

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