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First Person Experience At The Mobile World

First Person Experience At The Mobile World

First Person Experience At The Mobile World

Mobile World: Our consulting and development partner Gabriel Pinto is almost a Mobile World Congress veteran. His experience of several years has earned him an interview for the Podium Podcast: “Cacharradas”, directed by Iñigo Sastre and Jimena Marcos. We also wanted you to share his experience with us at this world-famous congress. It is rumored that the congress could change its location in Dubai, hence his last comment, that from here we are also making ours.

To The First Person

“Participating in the MWC is like opening a small window in space-time and looking into the future.

You have to be prepared because what you see is always overwhelming, not only because of the endless amount of news, companies, products, solutions, conferences, events, laboratories, meetings, invitations.,…; but because of the great quality of them.

To give some concrete examples:

Being able to work hand-in-hand with an Intel IoT expert, have the development environment in place, and create and schedule a live LED alarm.

See BT’s demo of the 4G vs 5G comparison where a plastic ball is dropped which, in doing so, emits a 4G and 5G signal to two robots so they can catch it on the go. The 4G signal is never on time and the ball falls to the ground. But the robot that receives the 5G signal can react and catch the falling balloon.

Also underline the inspiring effect of being surrounded by so many talents, “empathic” networking is essential.

And even if you come home exhausted from walking and eating poorly:

Long live the Mobile World Congress! And that it is still in Barcelona. ”

We leave you with the podcast in which they interview Gabriel. As well as other professionals and experts from the Mobile World Congress. Take advantage of that:

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