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Grocery Delivery App Service Write for Us: Creating a delivery service means mastering significant challenges and making important decisions. The initial situations can differ significantly: Are you at the very beginning and have to build everything yourself first? Or do you already run a stationary grocery store and now want to offer an additional delivery service?

If you need to see more about the specifics of starting a delivery service, then this blog post is now your chance!

What does a delivery service include?

Delivery service is a sales logistics service. It doesn’t matter whether you deliver your own or someone else’s products.

If you look at different delivery services, you will notice that delivery services sometimes differ significantly. Differences can be found above all in the products and services offered. In the field of food delivery services, there are, of course, the classics of food delivery services, such as pizza delivery services. In addition to the classic food delivery services, more and more delivery services for regional food are also establishing themselves, such as delivery services for bread and rolls, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, or other agricultural products.

The starting point for your successful delivery service – is your business plan!

After you have developed your business idea, one of the first and most essential steps in starting a delivery service is to create a business plan. With a business plan, you can identify potential economic problems right from the start. So you start with a secure method! A pleasing side effect: You deal intensively with your future customers and your new sales opportunities.

At the beginning of every delivery service, there are two central questions: To which customer do you want to market which product with your delivery service?

About the customer: Do you already have a fixed customer base? Or do you want to build a new customer base? When making a new customer base, you choose between business customers (B2B) and private customers (B2C) or a combination of both.

Business customers (B2B)

The number of business customers is often smaller than that of private customers. Furthermore, business customers usually want to order from you at a lower purchase price than private customers, as the quantities per order are generally significantly higher than for private customers. The number of business customers for you is that the turnover per shopping cart is usually higher. Consequently, your operational costs (marketing, logistics costs, etc.) are spread over a higher value of goods per order.

Private customers (B2C)

The most significant advantage for private customers is that their number is more important than business customers. Furthermore, their willingness to pay is higher. Thus, private customers are more interested in your delivery service at first glance. However, the operating costs per order (marketing, logistics, etc.) are usually much higher than business customers.

About the product: Do you already have a product that you can deliver? Or do you want to start a delivery service and still look for the right product? This can be a wide range of products or just a single product.

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