Teleworking and businesses around the world have an obligation to protect workers, and it seems that the best, if not the only, way to do this is to go to work from home.

In addition, psychologists have shown the benefits that this type of work brings to employees: flexibility makes family conciliation possible, increases workers’ well-being, and leads to higher productivity.

On the other hand, teleworking represents a cost-saving for the company. The rental or purchase of offices, equipment, electricity, water costs…. In this way, the company will be able to invest all its resources in innovation and technology.

Thanks to advances in technology, the truth is that work can be done easily from home. You just need to buy the right technology and the right systems.

It seems that this crisis has caused many companies to lose their fear of teleworking and decide to adopt this modality as something not temporary. For this, of course, it is essential to use state-of-the-art technology that adapts and allows the normal development of the activity: WebRTC TECHNOLOGY, developed by Google.

How To Start Teleworking In A Company?

As we announced previously, WebRTC technology has the solution to all your questions. WebRTC is open-source software developed by Google, which is responsible for transmitting information through the Internet. Be it voice, video, text …

Constant communication with your colleagues, customer service, online meetings with customers, suppliers, or with your colleagues … All this and much more is possible from home thanks to WebRTC technology.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology is the evolution of VoIP telephony and can be used from anywhere on the planet and on any device, with the only requirement of having an Internet connection. No specific type of application, software, wiring, or hardware installation is required. In addition, it ended the sound problems and communication delays so common in softphones.

The WebRTC technology, therefore, allows the total omnipresence of employees at work, being able to perform the same tasks that they would if they were in the office..

But, What Tools Does Webrtc Offer You For Teleworking?

Typically, this type of technology provides different solutions, depending on the manufacturer.

For example, today, we are going to focus on Fonvirtual, which offers virtual switchboards, call center software, and videoconferencing service, all with Web RTC technology. Once one of the previous solutions has been contracting, we will proceed to the integration of business communication.

Basically, this means that company agents will be able to receive and make calls from their homes as if they were in the office – the same quality and the same interface. They’ll only need a headset, a microphone, and an internet connection, and who doesn’t have an internet connection at home today?

For this, there are endless tools that this technology allows. And that will help any company to effectively implement teleworking, such as:

  • Time control. Thanks to an administrator panel. You can control the activations and deactivations of the agents, that is, the time they have worked. It is also possible to obtain statistics, call control reports or access your log.
  • Internal communication. Whether by voice, chat, or video conference, workers will be constantly connect with their colleagues.
  • Integration with CRM. Do you manage all the information and customer data from the same platform and from your home? Yes, it is possible thanks to the integration with your company’s CRM software.
  • Telephone payments by card. During a call, the customer can be transfer to a payment gateway by phone. By providing your details, you can make the payment remotely and securely.
  • Control. For superiors, there is a supervisor profile that allows full control of the company even remotely. The manager will be able to monitor all aspects of the call center in real-time and interact with agents from anywhere and on any device.