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The Key To Increase productivity, And Its Program

The Key To Increase productivity, And Its Program

Increase productivity in the modern world of work is the key to the success of workers in all fields.

Whether you work as a freelancer, as if you were part of a company, you know that your results depend on your productivity at work.

The more you can do it yourself, the better the results and the more successful in your work. This is accomplished by staying focused and optimizing resources to do more with less effort.

“As a rule, people try to stimulate the brain with caffeine, strong tea, or even use a cbd oil vape pen to achieve their goals. In this article, we will talk about more effective methods.”

In different countries, there are proposals and laws where productivity translates into promotions or salary increases.

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The Productivity Support Program

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare seeks to improve the skills of workers for their benefit and that of their companies.

More than 6,000 workers from 135 companies in the country were trained in 2016 by the Ministry of the Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) through the Productivity Support Program (PAP).

With this program, STPS aims to improve professional skills for the benefit of workers and their companies.

The PAP includes the strategy “Training to increase productivity,” made up of three components focused on employees by identifying areas of opportunity that allow them to improve their performance at work and increase their employability.

One of these elements is specific training based on competency standards, aimed at obtaining certification according to the professional profile of the worker, from which 1,588 employees benefited last year.

In addition to promoting the acquisition of knowledge, this course develops or reinforces skills that will allow the optimal performance of productive functions. The Key To Everything: Organization And Perseverance

By implementing the five steps we present in this guide, you will improve your productivity at work.

Best of all, it not only applies to professional aspects but also personal ones.

  1. Organize Your Daily Tasks

The first thing to do to have a productive day is to organize your work.

It’s not just about keeping your workspace clean and tidy. You also need to organize the actions that you are going to take during your day.

Start by listing your to-dos and new tasks, as well as those you do on a daily basis.

Second, sort them by priority, give them a due date, and organize them by projects, calls, emails, etc.

It can be as simple as keeping a notebook, making lists of items (checklists), or having a whiteboard on which to write your tasks.

There are several methods that you can implement, such as the famous Kanban method, where you organize your work with “cards” or post-its, according to the task you are doing and the level of progress of each one.

Productivity Tools

Surprisingly simple but complete at the same time. Asana is a task manager with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is used both to perform massive tasks and to manage projects collaboratively.

It allows you to form work teams, assign tasks to other members. Place bullets, comments, and due dates on each task, as well as their repetitions.

If the data for a task changes, a record of that action remains.

All this is useful when you have an activity that requires several actions, progress, comments, subtasks, etc. So that you can know what the last thing you did in relation to each task was.

It has a very good mobile application that will allow you to quickly add and track your tasks from your phone or tablet.

In Trello, you can organize the cards by columns like in the Kanban method (do, do). Add a due date, checklists. Assign them to other users and bullets., Files and comments.

Cards and lists can be sorted after completing each task

It also has a virtual application that allows you to quickly manage your cards on your mobile devices.

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