Seagate markets 16TB hard drive, Helium and Western Digital.

16tb hard drive – Seagate has announced the launch of its new Exos and IronWolf series 16TB hard drives. They are intended for data centres and NAS, respectively, and are the highest capacity in the industry.

While flash memory-based storage such as SSDs has become the excellent standard for client storage, hard drives remain the watchword for enterprise applications, servers, and data centres, where high reliability and low cost per GB are valued.

The data blast caused by Big Data, IoT, artificial intelligence, or machine learning is challenging to build massive infrastructures efficiently. The need for hyper-scale, cloud, and NAS storage solutions grows to unprecedented levels. A recent Seagate-sponsored IDC report predicts that Global Datasphere, the amount of data created, captured, or replicated worldwide, will increase from 33 zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175 ZB in 2025.

Meeting this need is where Seagate focuses on the new 16 TB hard drives. The Exos series offers 3.5-inch drives with 7,200 rpm rotational speed and  intend for data centres that require multiple workloads with higher I / O capacities and improved caching. This technology improves the speed of the system and storage capacity also.

Summary Information 16tb hard drive

Summary Information 16tb hard drive

The IronWolf and IronWolf Pro series designed for multi-user NAS environments with 300TB / year workloads. Perfect for home and small office NAS systems, promising performance, low noise, and low power consumption for everyday use such as backup, remote access, and file sharing.

Seagate 16TB hard drives use helium technology that replaces the air inside the industry to reduce friction and drag dramatically. Allowing drives to spin faster, emitting less heat and significantly reducing the power required by the motor to move them at high rotational speeds translates into more excellent overall reliability over their useful life.

The 16TB Exos X16 is available from this week on the international channel and has a recommended price of $ 629. We do not identify the cost of the specialized series in NAS, IronWolf.

The storage capacity of a hard drive is one of the most important characteristics when buying a computer due to the limited ability of internal purposes and the increasing need for space.

Because of the growing demand for higher capacity and speed, the announcement of Western Digital’s new product line gives new impetus to the storage market. The American company has succeeded in replacing air with helium inside its external hard drives of the My Book line. Until now, all hard drives internally sealed with air.

Helium 16tb hard drive

Helium, a gas much less solid than air, allows the storage capacity of 16 TB to remain reached. It also dramatically improves performance by reducing internal friction on the hard drive, reducing heating and the need for cooling. It is not yet known if it will improve the computer’s energy consumption associated with the external hard disk. By not having to cool high temperatures.

The data transfer speed of the hard drives in the My Book line is 290 MB per second. Other features are internal encryption, a lock with a password, and USB 3.0 ports.

Western Digital 16tb Hard Drive

Western Digital 16tb Hard Drive

Western Digital allows the possibility to choose between several storage capacities. The range is from 4 to 16 TB with the My Book Duo. Both products feature the new helium sealing system.

However, Helium cooling of internal and external hard drives was a technology that already existed. The novelty is that it will now be available to the public. And not only for companies like Netflix, needing large storage capacities. The arrival of these peripherals announced for this year.