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Instagram account promotion tools in 2022
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Instagram account promotion tools in 2022

Now almost all people who dream of making money on social networks have Instagram accounts. However, over time, platform algorithms change and you need to adapt to new realities. Those tricks that made many popular a few years ago, now do not work and do not generate income.

Today we will try to find out what strategies you need to apply in 2022 in order to successfully promote your account.

Assistance from specialized companies

The only permanent way to increase the audience is to contact companies that offer to buy Instagram followers for a small price. Professional organizations that have been working for a long time and have a large number of reviews can promote your account in one day and you do not have to make an effort for this.

We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity immediately after you start maintaining an account because it will help you quickly get the initial audience. This is important because it will be easier for you to work with a certain number of viewers than to make content on an empty profile.

Cooperation with other creators

Once you have your first audience, you can reach out to other bloggers to do something with them. It can be a joint post or mutual advertising in your profiles. This method is good because it is free and you can save on promotion through such a collaboration.

Also, cooperation with different creators can include the publication of your content in thematic profiles. There you can meet bloggers from your niche, exchange experiences and chat in the comments so that users notice you. As a rule, people subscribe to several accounts of the same topic in order to see more content that they like.

It is most profitable to come to such profiles after you buy real Instagram followers because your new active audience will actively interact with other bloggers and you will receive respect from them. You can quickly gain the trust of colleagues due to the loyalty of your viewers and in the future receive gratitude in the form of, for example, free advertising.

Be the face of your brand

In 2022, one of the main trends is marketing with the help of the company face. People are more willing to buy goods from those brands from which they know at least one representative. It is very important to build a personal relationship with potential buyers and communicate with them in order to gain their trust.

You can occasionally post personal photos, make video reviews of your products, or host live streams for your followers. All this will get the audience closer to you and give people the opportunity to ask you questions that interest them. It is much more pleasant when you know who you ask a question to and wait for a response from a specific person and not from an anonymous company manager.


Now all brands are striving to develop their accounts on Instagram because it is the main platform for online business in the world. In order to successfully advance in this social network, you need to carefully monitor which tools are effective right now and implement them in your work.

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