You have ended up at this article because you are searching to hire Laravel developers and you are already familiar with PHP, want to learn more about Laravel, or because you are just curious and want to learn more about the programming world in general. Whatever the case, keep reading!

To make it easier to work with PHP-based apps, the Laravel framework was developed. As a MVC framework, it makes it possible for us to not worry about certain aspects of development, such as how to initiate classes and methods for use in many parts of our application without having to write and repeat what that entails when it comes to changing something.

When it comes to Laravel, the future is bright, and if you already know how to use it, you have a lot of professional advantages. If you don’t, before starting you should get familiar with its most important features.

Laravel is modular and extensible

The best thing about Laravel is that it has a database management code that is both modular and extensible.

Modular means that it encourages the separation of files in a specific order while extensible because the packalyst directory allows you to add the required packages.

Cache system

Laravel features a cache system that can be adjusted, which speeds up the loading of your application by cutting down on the amount of work it needs to do.


It comes equipped with native user authentication and includes a ‘’remember’’ option for the user. In addition, it enables us to determine the total number of sessions, whether or not our users are currently active, and save information about them.

Routing system

The routing system that Laravel uses is characterized by a routing mechanism that is both quick and effective. It enables us to tie the input provided by users to the various elements of our program. In a nutshell, this makes the paths between the host that is the source and the host that is the destination shorter.

On the other hand, Laravel includes a folder referred to as routes, inside which all of the application’s routes are stored. In this manner, the management of routes is made to be straightforward to recognize.

Laravel template system

It uses Blade, the PHP template engine that is considered the most comprehensive. It allows you to construct unique pages that are both aesthetically pleasing and powerful without requiring you to implement your own configuration system.


Artisan is Laravel’s command-line interface. It gives you command-line tools for creating your program. Besides this, automated and scheduled tasks can also be programmed into the system.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is a relational data mapping mechanism which makes it possible for objects to have relationships with the data that they represent. Because it is incredibly user-friendly, it makes the processing of data more straightforward.

If you want to hire Laravel developer you need to make sure that they know this feature. The same case goes when you want to become among the best Laravel developers.

Laravel migrations

Migrations make it possible for PHP code to construct databases, as well as their fields and keys, and then to update those databases.

They help in destroying or recreating databases by tracking the adjustments made to those databases over time.

MVC Architecture

Laravel uses a MVC architecture which is a form of software architecture that divides code following responsibilities in order to make development easier.

Eloquent contributes to the development of Models in some way. Blade prioritizes maintaining a clean code base in the Views.

The MVC architecture works as follows:

  • The user engages in an activity with the application’s user interface.
  • The user’s action is communicated to the controller, which then modifies the model following the request.
  • It does this by transmitting the data it has from the updated model to the view, so that the view may generate the necessary interface to reflect the changes made to the model.
  • Then this sequence is played again after each contact with the user.


Encrypting your data is one of the reasons why Laravel is considered a very safe application. However, the CSRP token, which changes every few seconds and ensures excellent security on all forms submitted by each user, is the best option so far.

The Bottom Line

Laravel is an excellent solution if you need to build apps quickly and easily, but you also need some complexity.

Because of its user-friendliness and intuitiveness, as well as the helpfulness of its community for those just starting in the realm of frameworks, it’s definitely an excellent choice.

However, you should know that knowing about these features is not enough to become a developer, though you need to practice every day and never give up on what you are working on.