Automating have written to congratulate me on the article in which I explained how to automate the communication of our company (thanks) and to ask me for a new article in this series.

If you are avid of a reader of this blog, you already know that I only like to write about what is very fresh in my head so that I can express myself properly. In the last few months, he has to launch some pretty powerful growth hack projects, and I have come to realize that customer management is a very important issue for businesses. I only see wasted sales, lost business opportunities, and customers who stop buying because they are not being managed properly due to the high volume of work that a successful business generates.

And how can I do all of this better and grow my business without spending more money? It is simple. By automating, let the tools give you all the information you need and free up your time to provide good service and make the right decisions.

Discover Your Clients’ Interests Without Asking Them

Today I think that the biggest problem with online businesses that do not work is that they do not know what their customer profile is. What is their age, what interests them, what is their purchasing power, what kind of products are they willing to consume.

In some cases, it is possible to create this customer profile from the sales you have already made, but unless you have a very successful business, the sample is usually too small to be relevant.

How do I do when I start a business? I throw sound balloons. I create various bearings with different shapes that offer different lead magnets to potential users. It tells me what my audience cares about and enables me to make better decisions about the businesses I run.

Anyway, Feel Free To Ask

Once you have your customers’ email, don’t be afraid to ask what they’re interested in. Think of a business as a win-win relationship – you ask your prospect what it is they want to deliver later in the best possible way.

It’s a good idea to email your clients from time to time about their tastes, inviting them to enter other landings offered by other main magnets, encouraging them to write to you commenting on what you want. ‘They’d love … if really the people you do. If you have people on your mailing lists who will probably buy your products one day, they won’t bother to receive this kind of communication as long as you pay them for it.

Assign Customers To Lists

Here’s the trick. You need a tool of that allows you to automate the relationship between automating forms and lists that you can work with comfortably. Personally, I recommend something like Acumbamail to start with. Something that has a good price, that facilitates the segmentation of your contacts, and that offers enough options to be able to launch actions aimed at this segmentation.

So far, all you’ve done is trust your luck and try to learn from your audience. Once you have your leads (or recurring, one-time shopping customers …) spread across the list, you can start to really grow your business with automatic actions.

Learn More About Your Clients

Once you’ve established a certain relationship with customers, communicated with them regularly, and generated a certain amount of information about them, it’s time to find out more. I hope you’ve measured the results of absolutely everything we’ve talked about before because this is the where the real work begins if you don’t have the know-how, all the more reason to get a good tool.

Look at the conversion rates of your landings, the automating open rates of your emails. Find out what interests and what does not interest your users—test and filter what works and what doesn’t.