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Productivity And Personal Fulfillment
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Productivity And Personal Fulfillment

Productivity And Personal Fulfillment

Productivity: Since success began to be described as personal fulfillment rather than conquering high positions or salaries. The Productivity has been called into question. Some trends in psychology have made personal characteristics such as charisma, personal magnetism, or social skills prevail over previous values ​​such as effort, discipline, or knowledge. In productivity, quantity is no longer so important and quality has started to be. These approaches insist that by “loving what we do” we will be more productive (remember Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford speech)

However, Stephen R. Covey and other authors claim the importance of habits, perseverance, and hard work in achieving goals, so the culture of effort is not so outdated. So is it more important to make what you really love, even if no one buys it, and that doesn’t get any significant production either? Or is it producing more and more with effort, regardless of whether what you produce suits you? To answer this question, you must first focus on knowing what is important in everyone’s life.

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The Wheel Of Life

They say that in addition to being well located and financially remunerated, it is important to have a rich family life, good health, and be good with yourself. The Wheel of Life exercise was created to clarify who we are and how we want to be in the main areas of life. Although there are variations, there are eight aspects that it foresees: Health, Friends, Family, Personal development, Couples, Fun and leisure, Work, and Economy.

The exercise consists of evaluating from 0 to 100% the state of each of these variables in our lives and seeing the result by connecting the dots. A graph with a very small circle or very irregular shapes will give us an idea of the areas that we need to improve.

An approach that favors the company over the employee means that the former dedicate hours and hours to the company. To the detriment of their family. Their partner, their environment, and even their health. Ultimately, the employee exhausted and does not serve the company either. An approach that privileges the person over. The company makes the employee dedicate a lot of time and resources to projects. Such as that of the couple and the family. As well as his personal development, without benefiting the company.

The True Concept Of Productivity

To go from the current state to the desired one, the objectives or goals are important. That is, clearly define what we want professionally and personally. Once we have this hierarchy of objectives. We will go a little further when we prioritize and achieve the before and in fewer time tasks. Personal or professional, that bring us closer to them. And here we can align our objectives with a partner or a company. Because it is not a question of a diffuse conception of loving what we do. But of setting clear objectives and putting the means that bring us closer to them.

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