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Smart Phones, Android, And IOS

Smart Phones, Android, And IOS

Smart Phones Buying a new is not as easy as it used to be. In the days of the old mobile phones (Nokia, Motorola, Sony…) before smartphones hit the market, phones were used to make calls and send text messages. Today? Well, that’s a pretty long list of things you can do with your smartphone because there’s an app for everything, and phones have tons of features. It’s all great, really, but let’s not forget the perks of good old brick phones 

The smartphone is a mobile device that combines the functions of a mobile phone and a computer or handheld. These devices operate on a mobile computing platform with greater storage capacity and are capable of simultaneously performing tasks, tasks performed by a computer, and with greater connectivity than a conventional telephone. 1 For this reason, these phones are known as smartphones, which are used more for commercial purposes to distinguish them from basic cell phones. The closest antecedent to these devices is the PDA.

On the other hand, modern smart phones had their origin in the late 2000s and quickly became popular during the 2010s. Recently, in early 2013, smartphones have surpassed the sales of basic/classic cell phones, revolutionizing the world forever. Then. 2 The most used mobile operating systems in 2021 are Android, and iOS and the most popular brands are Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Motorola, and Huawei.


Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system that, along with middleware applications, is designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, Google TVs, and other devices.

The Android operating system is not only used in Smartphones but also in laptops, netbooks, tablets, Google TV, wristwatches, headphones, and other devices. This operating system is accessible from a wide variety of terminals, obviously avoiding their technical differences.

The characteristics that we can highlight of this operating system are:

  1. Open-source.
  2. Kernel-based on the Linux kernel.
  3. Adaptable to many screens and resolutions.
  4. It uses SQLite for data storage.
  5. It offers different forms of messaging.
  6. WebKit-based web browser included.
  7. Support for Java and many multimedia formats.
  8. Support for HTML, HTML5, Adobe Flash Player, etc.
  9. It includes a device emulator, memory debugging tools, and software performance analysis.
  10. Catalog of free or paid applications that can be downloaded and installed (Google Play).
  11. Google Talk from its HoneyComb version to make video calls.
  12. True multitasking app.

Android, unlike other operating systems of mobile devices such as iOS or Windows Phone, is developing in an open way, that its code is open means that a developer can modify its code and also improve it.

iPhone OS

iOS is the Smart Phones operating system developed by Apple. It was originally develop for iPhone and later used on other devices like iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV. At first, it was called iPhone OS, but since it works on other devices of the brand, it was renam to its current name.

This operating system is based on a variable Mach kernel found in Mac OS X. It is unique to company technology, meaning Apple does not allow the installation of iOS on third-party hardware. It had a market share of 18% of mobile operating systems sold in the last four months of 2012, behind Google Android.

The iOS user interface has been designing under the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures.

  • It has been designing for:
  • Provide a friendly interface that includes direct manipulation.

An immediate response time to user controls.

  • IOS has four layers:
  • The operating system kernel layer.
  • The layer of “basic services.”
  • a layer of “media.”
  • The layer of “Cocoa Touch.”

Multitasking is an iOS function that allows applications to perform specific tasks in the background while other applications are use.

You can distinguish many of them by checking the status bar:

  • Location / GPS: When used, the icon appears in the status bar. If an application uses the location, you can pause this service in the application.
  • Note: You can see a list of applications that have recently used the location in Settings> Location.
  • Audio playback: When listening to music or other audio sources, the icon appears in the status bar. If an application uses playback, you can pause it in the application. It is not necessary to close or exit the application.

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