Helpful technical tools for conducting a short-term rent

1. Airbnb

Beforehand you spend your money on fancy software, don’t overlook to use the free Airbnb app or website. You have access to a lot of information for free – you just have to know what you are seeing

If you’re initial your Airbnb business on a cheap, then this is one of the first places you should go to do your market research. The Airbnb website is too one of the chief places you should go when looking for a new stuff, whether you are experienced or just starting out.

2. Google Calendar Vacation Rental Business

If you currently use Gmail, you already have access to all of Google’s other apps, like Drive, Trips, and Docs. Google Calendar is great because it easily integrates with your email usage. So when you set appointments, it will spontaneously sync to your calendar and send you a reminder. This simple automation becomes essential when you have a lot of things to do every day.

The main benefit of using Google Calendar is that you can share your schedule of entries with your other business partners. For instance, by syncing your calendar with Airbnb, you can send your booking agenda to your cleaning team so they know exactly when to show up and clean.

If you later need to let someone go, you can simply revoke their shared status so they no longer have access.

It is an excellent feature as sometimes the business won’t work as we planned.


The channel managers have the work to do for the rental properties as they focus on managing the property systems’ vacation rents, making the management of rental properties more accessible.

In short, PMS allow you to automate the operational side of your vacation rental software. For example, you can use them to manage your accommodations and bookings, schedule cleaning appointments, assign tasks to team members, send automated messages to your guests, generate invoices and reports, and much more. Learn more about selecting the best vacation rental PMS for your business.

Some PMS have channel management features. However, these often fall short, either offering low channel diversity (only the largest OTAs) or relying on weak iCal connections that cause delays in updating your availability (resulting in double bookings).

For this reason, most property managers use a specialized channel manager in conjunction with their PMS. With today’s software connectivity, developers are able to seamlessly integrate channel managers with PMSs, allowing you to easily use the two platforms together.

4. Technology For Vacation Rentals: Guest Experience And Communication Tools

Now that we’ve enclosed channel managers, property management systems, and dynamic pricing tools, let’s move from the essentials to the nice extras.

So, let’s look at some tools that will help develop the guest experience and help communicate with the guest more comfortably and efficiently.

The tools are not essential for the vacation rent business, but it is just a good thing as these may allow you to know your tasks while wasting the time and gives special customer service to the guest that every guest in the hotel expects.

5.Welcome Apps

Welcome apps or digital guest books are useful items in a belongings manager’s toolkit. They benefit you save time on guest communication, mechanize your check-in, and increase sales by upselling tours and services. They proposal a high level of care and attention that all guests appreciate and as a result can earn you many positive reviews.

Here Are Some Of Our Most Popular Welcome Apps:

With HelloHere, property managers optimize their guest communication with a digital welcome book, travel guide, marketplace, chat function and automated messaging. Learn how to connect HelloHere to Rentals United.

With Wishbox, you can automate guest notifications, sell additional services, collect passport scans and e-signatures, and target your guests with targeted communications. Learn how to connect Wishbox to Rentals United.

With Touchstay, vacation rental owners can save time by providing guests with easy-to-find property and local information in a web-based app, so they don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.