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7 Essentials For Your Mobiles Strategy

7 Essentials For Your Mobiles Strategy

7 Essentials For Your Mobiles Strategy

Essentials fact that the importance of cell phones has increased in recent years, most users cannot do without cell phones, and for the first time, the number of cell phones exceeds that of the world population. This means that they are increasingly used in business transactions. A good mobile strategy can help you develop your leads.

But a mobile strategy is not just about creating an application. A good strategy unifies the message delivered via mobile, online, and in person. We explain some reasons why your strategy is correct:

  1. Your Mobile Strategy Should Be In Line With Your Overall Strategy

If the latest fashions are of no use to you, quit. Developing and maintaining an application has a fixed cost to the developer, which is wasteful if your application is not part of your overall mobile strategy.

  1. Design Experiments

This means that your users don’t have to wait for the mobile page to load. Everything works in less than 2 seconds. In fact, most people prefer an application to a mobile site. If your mobile website is difficult to navigate, your frustration will increase. A well-designed application will avoid user frustration.

3. Promote The Use Of API

APIs allow you to avoid building applications from scratch. It is estimated that more than three-quarters of the traffic generated on Twitter is the result of APIs. It is about taking advantage of the user experience in other applications to generate more traffic towards ours.

4. Large-Scale Strategy

If the smartphone market grows by 10% each year and is expected to continue that way for about least the next few years, the number of applications to be optimized for mobile devices in 2016 will quadruple, according to a European Union study. Count on it and build a robust business model that enables rapid growth.

Connect The Mobile Experience To The Desktop Experience

This is to allow users to switch from one platform to another seamlessly. For example, Spotify was able to make sure that if you started playing a theme on your desktop PC and changed the mobile app, it will continue to play where you left off. The transition must be smooth and efficient. Only 16% of users test a faulty application more than twice.

6. A Strong Mobile Development Team

A simple mobile app can be expensive, especially if it has complex graphics. If the mobile space is your area of ​​activity, have a fixed team of developers within your company for the mobile space, which will avoid communication difficulties with external providers.

7. Take Care Of Your Customers’ Data

The security of your customers’ information is essential. Implement encryption and ensure the confidentiality of your data. Increasingly, the deployment of external platforms and resources makes you more vulnerable, so protect your customers’ data above all.

Your Mobile Strategy

A mobile strategy that suits your business goals also meets the needs of your customers will broaden your target audience and increase your business growth in an ever-changing environment.

This new market is not just for large companies. It is not a question of budget. The democratization of technology allows us to do small businesses, connected and active, quickly differentiate themselves from their competition. If a mobile strategy is a priority for you, contact us for more information.

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