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What Is Drone, And What Are The Products Obtain?
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What Is Drone, And What Are The Products Obtain?

Drone as in many other industries that we have already mention above on our blog, drones can also be used in surveying tasks. In fact, they become very useful support tools for these tasks. This is because the characteristics of the drones, as well as the image processing programs, manage to speed up these tasks enormously. Would you like to know what drone surveying is, how to do it, and much more? From Aerial Productions,

What Is Drone And How Is It Done?

To begin with, the definition of topography is the study of the terrain to represent its relief or surface in detail. Generally, to carry out this study, in traditional topography, GPS, total stations, etc., are used. But, yes, the arrival of the drones to the topography does not mean that you have to get rid of all the previous techniques. On the contrary, drones serve as a complement to these tools.

 Thus, thanks to them and their HD cameras, a large number of high-resolution images can be produced. With them and treatment programs, you get quality results in less time. Also, if we add additional utilities such as photogrammetry, the job is even easier.

What Are The Most Common Uses Of Drones In Work?

Drones and surveying can be combine in various ways, as their functions have various applications. For example, they are very useful for digital mapping, terrain scanning, or power line mapping. Likewise, the speed and precision with which they can cover the terrain favor their use for monitoring works and estimating maintenance tasks on roads and railways. And of course, they are very useful for surveying.

What Is Need To Do A Topographic With Drones And What Are The Products Obtain?

Surveying is the most common task for which drones are use in topographic surveys. To do this, a first flight is made to capture images with the drone. Once the photos are obtain, these data are analys and process with special software. These programs are responsible for producing different products with different information obtained from the images. For example, 3D terrain models or 3D mapping directly. Orthophotos and digital models are also generate, either terrain (DEM) or elevations (DEM), among others. You can even get contour lines or measurements of ground movements that have occurred in a field.

The Benefits Of Using Drones In Surveying Tasks

The use of drones, practically in any industry, offers two main advantages: safety and speed. The first is that thanks to these tools, it is no longer necessary to send workers to dangerous areas. That is, in areas of difficult access, high altitude areas, etc. In addition, the agility and speed of drones minimize work time and deliver results in hours, whereas previously, it could take weeks. But one of the biggest advantages of drone surveying is the precision and variety of results. With them, you get 3D models, maps with different data, orthophotos, and much more.

What Functions Can Drones Perform On A Construction Site?

Through the use of drones, it is possible to document the entire process, from start to finish, of a work. And not only outdoors, since the agility, size, and versatility of drones allow them to access the interior of structures. With this, it is possible to have photographs and videos of each construction phase, the impact it has on the ground, etc.

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