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Digital Business, Document, And Regulation
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Digital Business, Document, And Regulation

Digital Business, we knew what documentation was necessary to start a business, but the legal process is not that clear when it comes to a digital business. However, there are more and more online stores. Spending per consumer in Europe in online businesses already has an average of 1,460 euros per year. There is a growing need to know what documentation is for a digital company.

Documentation Is Required For A Digital Business

The first step if you decide to have an online business is to register in the census of entrepreneurs, professionals, and agents using form 036 or 037. The activity to be carried out within the IAE (Impôt sur Economic Activities) is the same for occupations. Store or online.

It is obvious that an authorization will not be necessary to open and operate like those granted by municipalities in physical stores, but the main taxes must be paid. Personal income tax and VAT, unless the company is exempt; and corporation tax, if the company is incorporated.

Independent merchants who do not convert are subject to the equivalence surcharge, a special regime within VAT. For the general rate of 21%, it is 5.2%; for the reduced 10%, it is 1.4%, and for the super-reduced 4%, it is 0.5%. This regime assumes that the merchant not obliged to submit the quarterly or annual VAT. Nor is it necessary to issue sales invoices unless the client requests them.

If it is also sold within the EU framework, it must be registered in the ROI or Register of intra-community operators. It is also necessary to register in the General Treasury of the Social Security to obtain a number and, if self-employed, in the Special Regime for Self-Employed (RETA).

With these requirements, you would have met the documentation of a digital business, but there are still regulations that you must comply with.

Mandatory Regulation In A Digital Business

Since the sale made through the Internet. It is important to comply with the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI). The website need to consist of the Legal Notice. Which is the document that identifies the owner together with his call, address, NIF / CIF, and e mail.

In addition, a gadget must be supplied for potential complaints or inquiries. Since the entry into force of the GDPR regulation (May 25, 2018), it is vital to publish simple facts approximately the employer inside the bureaucracy. That is, who is answerable for the non-public information record, the purpose of acquiring it, the legitimacy of obtaining it, the recipients of the equal and the rights of the individual that gives their information, in addition to the respect of all of the obligations of the RGPD and the LOPDGDD.

Finally, an online business must comply with the Retail Regulation Law and the General Contract Conditions Law. and also you can watch this movie pandavar illam serial cast

In short, in addition to registering with the Treasury and Social Security. You must be particularly aware of your tax obligations. And it should also be among those required by commercial and data protection laws.

However, after a few months of activity, you will find that it is not that difficult. The Equivalence Surcharge provides you with VAT, and you will have most of the documentation ready before starting the activity. After that, it’s just a matter of charging as much as possible and following the law.

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