It’s not only constant waxing and overtime that makes us feel a longing in the summer. Some barely begged for their leave, finally packed their suitcases, and found themselves in the heavenly town. But there is no joy in this place because the photos on Instagram do not come out at all. In order for the photos to be as effective and attractive as possible, you can use the RetouchMe app to make you tan. Let’s discuss 5 ideas to make beautiful shots by the pool.

Poolside photo ideas

Do not rush to get upset and announce to the whole world that from now on you only take selfies. We’re here to tell you about the best poses for poolside photos in a trendy swimsuit. Get ready to see many direct messages, and thousands of new faces in followers. The operation to save your Instagram from boring legs against the background of the pool has officially begun!

  1. A game of shadows. Do you plan to show all your right curves and hide some “highlights” from prying eyes? Choose the right light and imagine yourself as one of the Kardashian family. Yes, yes, it’s time to bring out the buttocks from the shadows and properly play with water and light. Like these girls from the pictures!
  2. A body in a hat. If, after all, there is no way to do without legs against the background of the pool, then let them be creative and aesthetic shots and not Bavarian sausages on a sun lounger. Use accessories, magazines, beautiful cocktails (at first the Insta-husband drinks a cocktail, but he needs more) — in general, anything. So that the photographer does not leave a shadow on the photo.
  3. We sit well. Sitting beautifully is also an art! We know for sure that you are one of us — those who do not like to walk around the pool a lot. She came, took a photo, and tanned — here is a suitable option. Well, the last 2 points can be easily combined into one.
  4. Additional inventory. If there are no people in your photo from the pool, and you are on an air mattress – you are very successful. Most likely, she is very successful and has not slept, because the pools are empty either in the off-season or early in the morning. Well, in any case, get on the mattress, the inflatables are very popular on Instagram.
  5. Is it possible with girlfriends? It is even necessary! Especially if your swimsuits perfectly match each other and no one is afraid to seem too “not like that”. Approach the question a little more creatively and your photos will turn into a little more than just a selfie with a burnt nose.

How to look slimmer in a photo in a swimsuit

In order for the swimsuit photo session to be perfect, we advise you to contact a professional photographer. But something also depends on you.

Most often, a vacation begins with a selfie at the airport or a portrait of a suitcase. Such shots are good for Instagram, but not for your photo album. Next, you will take pictures of the clouds, capture the view of the desired sea from the sky, then photos of the hotel, rooms… When can I pose for you?

Before you start posing in a swimsuit, allow your body to rest and your body to get used to the new relaxation regime. In addition, give the body time to acquire a dark shade. To avoid unpleasant burns, take care of tanning products. They will help you to properly absorb the vitamins of the sun and correctly “color” the body.

Already a few days after the start of the vacation, you can pose in a swimsuit, arrange a beach photo session, or a photo session by the pool.

What to wear

As you know, most girls think about the condition of their figure mainly on the eve of the beach season. But a sharp appeal to a healthy lifestyle and the connection of strict diets can be harmful. And not only your health but also your appearance.

Therefore, try to monitor yourself and your diet regularly. Then you can look great in a swimsuit at any time. After all, you can soak up the sun on the beach not only in the summer!

Having put yourself in order, you can start choosing a swimsuit. It is desirable that the model emphasizes your advantages and hides your shortcomings.

In order for posing in a swimsuit to be successful, it is worth following some rules when deciding on a beach wardrobe. Therefore, give up small print (polka dot, grid, cage…). Otherwise, this pattern will be blurred.

Give preference to bright shades and large prints. If you are going to pose with a natural skin tone, pay special attention to the choice of swimsuit color.

Owners of pale skin will suit soft pastel tones. Light skin looks great in combination with a swimsuit of light, cold shades. Also, pay attention to yellow, coral, blue, pink, and the color of ripe cherry. Dark-skinned women can decide on black, yellow, golden, turquoise, pink, metallic, or orange.

There are nuances in deciding on a swimsuit, taking into account the features of the figure. Ruffles, folds, frills, and horizontal lines can visually increase the bust. The bodice of a white shade in combination with a dark plain bottom will also add volume.

It will sound strange, but sometimes it is worth visually reducing the chest. The dark cups of the bodice and wide straps will cope with this. Narrow shoulders will correct the diagonals on the bodice. And a bright top with a V-shaped neckline will lengthen the neck. Wide hips are adjusted by bottoms with diagonal stripes or vertical details.


Do not forget about additional details. But remember that accessories play only a secondary role in a photo session on the beach or while posing in the pool. Therefore, do not use too many additional elements.

For example, a pareo can be accompanied by sunglasses. And the winged hat has a bracelet on his arm. In general, a photo session on the beach is a case when you can safely use bright, large, and unusual accessories. Among them — a light cape, a spectacular beach umbrella, a pareo, an elegant hat… You can continue the series with your own finds.