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VOIP that is  voice over internet protocol, is a class of gear and software that enables users to make phone calls over the Internet by transferring voice data in packets over IP in place of traditional telephone transmission circuits.

VoIP has the benefit that calls made over the Internet do not cost more than what the user currently pays for Internet access

One of the most popular Internet phone programmes is Skype, which is available

VoIP is often referred to as Internet telephony, voice over the internet, or IP telephony (VOI)

You may occasionally need to purchase additional hardware to utilise a service—but not Skype—typically an adaptor to link your phone and PC.

When you get a new phone, it is frequently VoIP-capable. However, very few people are aware of the meaning of this name. We will educate you.

VoIP, or voice over IP, is the abbreviation for online calling. As a result, instead of using the phone connection for transmission, your phone uses the internet line.

The ISDN standard will be obsolete and probably not be utilised in a few years due to VoIP.

Due to the requirement that carriers provide both protocols, the transition from ISDN to VoIP devices takes longer. There are still many ISDN devices available.

VoIP has the benefit of lowering costs for both the consumer and the service provider. The Internet is used for both calling and surfing, thus there is only one line needed.

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