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Bluetooth Technology, And Its Benefits

Bluetooth Technology, And Its Benefits

Bluetooth location services market was stunted last year due to travel restrictions and equipment installation limitations on site. However, as the 2021 Bluetooth Market of Update suggests. Market growth is expected to resume in 2021 and grow to 550,000 deployments in the next five years. In fact, increased awareness of asset tracking and safe return solutions has increased interest in Bluetooth location services.

Bluetooth location services will also play an important role in digital keys for smart homes. Smart buildings, and the automotive industry. Having reached 100% penetration in the smartphone market. Bluetooth technology turns the smartphone into a digital key, giving you secure access to your car. Home, office building, etc.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Daisuke Takai from Alps Alpine about how they are using Bluetooth technology to develop secure keyless entry solutions for cars. Mr. Takai explains how the reliability, high precision. And operating range of Bluetooth technology meets all the requirements for a secure digital key solution.

Why Did You Choose To Use Bluetooth Technology In Your Keyless Access And Access Control Solutions?

Along with personal authentication, target device tracking technology is require to activate Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Using smartphone-based digital keys for in-vehicle devices. However, so far, positioning has posed several challenges in terms of practicality and burden of development resources; for example, requiring the physical reading of barcodes or RFID tags or the construction of expensive GPS or WiFi systems.

In addition, existing keyless entry systems in the vehicle that uses low-frequency passive entry involve unique communication specifications. To adopt the positioning technology according to the communication standard. The antennas required by such systems must be miniaturized, which are makes it difficult to integrate such features into smartphones.

At Alps Alpine, we are developing high-precision positioning technologies based on Bluetooth® chips that we believe will bring significant improvements in this area. Our choice to use Bluetooth connectivity was heavily influence by the technology’s presence in many different markets and its wide acceptance across industries.

Can You Tell Us About Your Bluetooth Keyless of Entry Solutions For The Automotive Industry?

A recent megatrend in the automotive market is car sharing. As a result, smart car access (using one’s own smartphones as keys) becomes a must-have feature. Bluetooth technology can communicate securely over longer distances than NFC (Near Field Communication), enabling authentication that does not require users to bring their smartphones close to a reader. Is In the wrong hands, this technology can be hijack to facilitate car theft through infiltrations such as relay attacks, as Bluetooth radio waves can unlock car doors and start engines at distances greater than 10 meters. We use Bluetooth-based location technologies (distance and positioning) to develop smart car access solutions that ensure security to address these issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Smartphone As A Digital Key For Keyless Entry?

The more keys you have: car, house, workplace, parent’s house, shaadi mein zaroor aana movie download etc. – the harder it will be to choose the correct key when you need it. If you could manage all those keys on your smartphone, it would not only reduce the number of keys you have to carry with you, but it would also make all kinds of things much more convenient. 

For example, distributing single-use keys to share keys and connect smartphones to vehicle information systems could greatly improve user convenience by allowing them to stay on top of vehicle inspections. Fuel tank levels, etc. Fuel, the condition of the tread and tires. Pressure through your smartphones without the need to physically access your vehicle. At the same time, this convenience makes smartphone security more important than ever and increases the need to take steps to prevent the loss of smartphones.

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