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How To Sell Your Product And Advertising
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How To Sell Your Product And Advertising

How To Sell Your Product Continuing with the cycle in which we disseminate the content taught in the Emprende Soft international training program, today, Eva Conesa – Commercial Director of Extra Software – tells us about techniques for this difficult business objective: selling. Extra Software, in its program for Ibero-American entrepreneurs, puts the emphasis above all on the development of projects, whose final and fundamental phase is the sale of the product:

When we think about how to sell your product or service, the traditional steps of the MARKETING PLAN come to mind:

  • MARKET RESEARCH, with a well-programmed methodology.
  • COMPETITION STUDY: identification, the market I am targeting, its segmentation, etc.
  • PRODUCT ANALYSIS, what identity and characteristics it has, what benefits, the definition of a strategy to adopt (quality, particular technical characteristics, its innovation, if it is an elitist product or against the masses, …), the life cycle of policies of products and prices.
  • AND THE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS through which we will market our product.

But selling your product is so much more. The first thought should be made when creating the product. MARKETING must ensure that there is innovation, that the product meets the needs of its future customers, and, if possible, exceeds the expectations of future users.

A Good Product Is Not Enough To Sell Your Product

Once this product has been created and tested, we must prepare for a proper LAUNCH. There are still some companies that think that making a good product is worth it when in reality, it takes up to 50% of the work. The other half is really bringing it to our potential customers, making it known, tasting, loving, and there is an amplifying effect among the customers.

You have to choose the words of the messages to send, what will be said and how

Then to sell your product, you need to think about DIRECT MARKETING or DIRECT COMMUNICATION – the focus should be on the customer, and you don’t have to tell them how beautiful the new product is, but the benefits and benefits you will get from that.

Prepare an ADVERTISING PLAN, with special emphasis on coordinating online and offline advertising.

Indirect Advertising Also Sells Your Product

Public Relations Actions As we all know, advertising pays to appear in normal and/or digital media. However, in this case, it is the indirect publicity that you receive due to the interest that you can generate around the new product. The “core” is the new product: its innovation, its applications, its uses, its advantages, etc.…. However, this is the most difficult thing to achieve because although launching your new product is the most important thing in the universe of your business, outside of this universe, all kinds of interests may be lacking.

Let’s not lose sight of SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook are the big stars, but there are more and more, and depending on your target audience, you have to think about which social networks to go to.

In short, you have to be where your target audience is. And today social networks are the great amplifier of many new product launches. We must also invest in a BLOG fed by good communicators. In which to publish content of interest to our future clients.

And your WEB, is it ready? Our world is already 100% Internet, so 99% of the products we launch our Internet products. But even if this is not your case, you still have to make a special stop to think about it. How you are going to position and communicate your new product on the Internet.

Social media and blogs do not market directly. Last but not least, BUSINESS SUPPORT MATERIAL. THE SALES TEAM and Customer Service are the backbones of any business. To sell your product, they are essential. You can leave them the basic weapons. And rely on their skills and experience or equip them with all kinds of tools.

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